Kuwait (kw)


Kuwait-specific Form helpers.

class localflavor.kw.forms.KWAreaSelect(attrs=None)[source]

A Select widget that uses a list of Kuwait areas as its choices.

New in version 1.6.

class localflavor.kw.forms.KWCivilIDNumberField(max_length=12, min_length=12, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Kuwaiti Civil ID numbers are 12 digits, second to seventh digits represents the person’s birthdate.

Checks the following rules to determine the validty of the number:
  • The number consist of 12 digits.
  • The birthdate of the person is a valid date.
  • The calculated checksum equals to the last digit of the Civil ID.
class localflavor.kw.forms.KWGovernorateSelect(attrs=None)[source]

A Select widget that uses a list of Kuwait governorates as its choices.