Norway (no)


Norwegian-specific Form helpers


A Select widget that uses a list of Norwegian municipalities (fylker) as its choices.

class, min_length=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Field with phonenumber validation. Requires a phone number with 8 digits and optional country code

class, widget=None, label=None, initial=None, help_text='', error_messages=None, show_hidden_initial=False, validators=[], localize=False, disabled=False, label_suffix=None)[source]

Algorithm is documented at

class, min_length=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

A form field that validates input as a Norwegian zip code. Valid codes have four digits.

Data = (('akershus', 'Akershus'), ('austagder', 'Aust-Agder'), ('buskerud', 'Buskerud'), ('finnmark', 'Finnmark'), ('hedmark', 'Hedmark'), ('hordaland', 'Hordaland'), ('janmayen', 'Jan Mayen'), ('moreogromsdal', 'Møre og Romsdal'), ('nordtrondelag', 'Nord-Trøndelag'), ('nordland', 'Nordland'), ('oppland', 'Oppland'), ('oslo', 'Oslo'), ('rogaland', 'Rogaland'), ('sognogfjordane', 'Sogn og Fjordane'), ('svalbard', 'Svalbard'), ('sortrondelag', 'Sør-Trøndelag'), ('telemark', 'Telemark'), ('troms', 'Troms'), ('vestagder', 'Vest-Agder'), ('vestfold', 'Vestfold'), ('ostfold', 'Østfold'))

An alphabetical list of Norwegian municipalities (fylker) for use as choices in a formfield.