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"""Iranian-specific form helpers."""
import re

from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured, ValidationError
from django.forms.fields import CharField, RegexField, Select
from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _

from .ir_provinces import PROVINCE_CHOICES

[docs]class IRProvinceSelect(Select): """ A Select widget that uses a list of Iran provinces cities as its choices. .. versionadded:: 2.2 """ def __init__(self, attrs=None): super().__init__(attrs, choices=PROVINCE_CHOICES)
[docs]class IRPostalCodeField(RegexField): """ A form field that validates its input as an Iran postal code. Valid form is XXXXXXXXXX where X represents integer. Validate code: - don't use 0 in first 5 digit - don't use 2 in postal code - First 4 digit is not the same - The 5th digit cannot be 5 - all digits aren't the same .. versionadded:: 2.2 """ default_error_messages = { 'invalid': _('Enter a postal code in the format XXXXXXXXXX - digits only'), } def __init__(self, **kwargs): super().__init__(r'\b(?!(\d)\1{3})[13-9]{4}[1346-9][013-9]{5}\b$', **kwargs)
[docs] def clean(self, value): if value not in self.empty_values: value = value.replace(' ', '') return super().clean(value)
[docs]class IRIDNumberField(CharField): """ A form field that validates its input as an Iranian identification number. Valid form is per the Iranian ID specification. Persian documentation : There isn't good English documentation available for the Iranian identification number. Non-Persian speakers will need to use an online translation service to read this documentation. .. versionadded:: 2.2 """ id_number_re = re.compile(r'^\d{10}$') default_error_messages = { 'invalid': _('Enter a valid ID number.'), }
[docs] def clean(self, value): value = super().clean(value) if value in self.empty_values: return value match = self.id_number_re.match(value) if not match: raise ValidationError(self.error_messages['invalid'], code='invalid') check = int(value[9]) s = sum([int(value[x]) * (10 - x) for x in range(9)]) % 11 if (2 > s == check) or (s >= 2 and check + s == 11): return value else: raise ValidationError(self.error_messages['invalid'], code='invalid')