Austria (at)

AT-specific Form helpers.

class*, max_length=None, min_length=None, strip=True, empty_value='', **kwargs)[source]

Austrian Social Security numbers are composed of a 4 digits and 6 digits field.

The latter represents in most cases the person’s birthdate while the first 4 digits represent a 3-digits counter and a one-digit checksum.

The 6-digits field can also differ from the person’s birthdate if the 3-digits counter suffered an overflow.

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Validate the given value and return its “cleaned” value as an appropriate Python object. Raise ValidationError for any errors.


A Select widget that uses a list of AT states as its choices.


A form field that validates its input is an Austrian postcode.

Accepts 4 digits (first digit must be greater than 0). = (('BL', 'Burgenland'), ('KA', 'Carinthia'), ('NO', 'Lower Austria'), ('OO', 'Upper Austria'), ('SA', 'Salzburg'), ('ST', 'Styria'), ('TI', 'Tyrol'), ('VO', 'Vorarlberg'), ('WI', 'Vienna'))

A list of Austrian states according to