Colombia (co)


Colombian-specific form helpers.


A Select widget that uses a list of Colombian states as its choices.


This field validates a NIT (NUmero de IdentificaciOn Tributaria). A NIT is of the form XXXXXXXXXX-V. The last digit is a check digit. This field can be used for people and companies.

More info:


Value can be either a string in the format XXXXXXXXXX-Y or XXXXXXXXXXY.

Data = (('AMA', 'Amazonas'), ('ANT', 'Antioquia'), ('ARA', 'Arauca'), ('ATL', 'Atlántico'), ('DC', 'Bogotá'), ('BOL', 'Bolívar'), ('BOY', 'Boyacá'), ('CAL', 'Caldas'), ('CAQ', 'Caquetá'), ('CAS', 'Casanare'), ('CAU', 'Cauca'), ('CES', 'Cesar'), ('CHO', 'Chocó'), ('COR', 'Córdoba'), ('CUN', 'Cundinamarca'), ('GUA', 'Guainía'), ('GUV', 'Guaviare'), ('HUI', 'Huila'), ('LAG', 'La Guajira'), ('MAG', 'Magdalena'), ('MET', 'Meta'), ('NAR', 'Nariño'), ('NSA', 'Norte de Santander'), ('PUT', 'Putumayo'), ('QUI', 'Quindío'), ('RIS', 'Risaralda'), ('SAP', 'San Andrés and Providencia'), ('SAN', 'Santander'), ('SUC', 'Sucre'), ('TOL', 'Tolima'), ('VAC', 'Valle del Cauca'), ('VAU', 'Vaupés'), ('VID', 'Vichada'))

A list of Colombian departaments as choices in a formfield.