Ghana (gh)


Ghana specific form helpers.


A Select widget with option to select a region from list of all regions of Ghana.

Data = [('ahafo', 'Ahafo'), ('ashanti', 'Ashanti'), ('bono_east', 'Bono East'), ('brong_ahafo', 'Brong Ahafo'), ('central', 'Central'), ('eastern', 'Eastern'), ('greater_accra', 'Greater Accra'), ('north_east', 'North East'), ('northern', 'Northern'), ('oti', 'Oti'), ('savannah', 'Savannah'), ('upper_east', 'Upper East'), ('upper_west', 'Upper West'), ('western', 'Western'), ('western_north', 'Western North'), ('volta', 'Volta')]

Built-in mutable sequence.

If no argument is given, the constructor creates a new empty list. The argument must be an iterable if specified.