Argentina (ar)

AR-specific Form helpers.

class*, max_length=None, min_length=None, strip=True, empty_value='', **kwargs)[source]

This field validates a CBU (Clave Bancaria Uniforme).

A CBU is a 22-digits long number. The first 8 digits denote bank and branch number, plus a verifying digit. The remaining 14 digits denote an account number, plus a verifying digit.

More info:

New in version 1.3.

Changed in version 3.0.


Value must be a 22 digits long number.


This field validates a CUIT (Código Único de Identificación Tributaria).

A CUIT is of the form XX-XXXXXXXX-V. The last digit is a check digit.

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Info in English:

Changed in version 2.1: ARCUITField now also accepts CUIT with prefix 34.


Value can be either a string in the format XX-XXXXXXXX-X or an 11-digit number.

class, min_length=7, **kwargs)[source]

A field that validates ‘Documento Nacional de Identidad’ (DNI) numbers.


Value can be a string either in the [X]X.XXX.XXX or [X]XXXXXXX formats.

class, min_length=4, **kwargs)[source]

A field that accepts a ‘classic’ NNNN Postal Code or a CPA.



Validate the given value and return its “cleaned” value as an appropriate Python object. Raise ValidationError for any errors.


A Select widget that uses a list of Argentinean provinces/autonomous cities as its choices. = (('B', 'Buenos Aires'), ('K', 'Catamarca'), ('H', 'Chaco'), ('U', 'Chubut'), ('C', 'Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires'), ('X', 'Córdoba'), ('W', 'Corrientes'), ('E', 'Entre Ríos'), ('P', 'Formosa'), ('Y', 'Jujuy'), ('L', 'La Pampa'), ('F', 'La Rioja'), ('M', 'Mendoza'), ('N', 'Misiones'), ('Q', 'Neuquén'), ('R', 'Río Negro'), ('A', 'Salta'), ('J', 'San Juan'), ('D', 'San Luis'), ('Z', 'Santa Cruz'), ('S', 'Santa Fe'), ('G', 'Santiago del Estero'), ('V', 'Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur'), ('T', 'Tucumán'))

A list of Argentinean provinces and autonomous cities as choices in a formfield. From